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First-of-Kind 1 Steer Ground Beef from Nurture Ranch Debuts
Kentucky Ag Connection - 02/11/2019

Nurture Ranch 1 Steer Ground Beef, the only packaged grass-fed ground beef to include meat from just one steer per pack and a code tracing the nurturing history from birth to harvest, is now available in grocery stores across the Southeast.

All other packaged ground beef in grocery stores is processed from multiple cows per package. Additionally, the majority of grass-fed beef is imported but labeled as a "Product of the USA." Nurture Ranch 1 Steer Ground Beef is radically different.

Each package of Nurture Ranch Ground Beef is processed from one steer, a method proven in independent lab tests to be 100% cleaner than industry standards, meaning ground beef average acceptable standards for potential bacteria is 100% more than Nurture Ranch 1 Steer and 1 Cow ground beef. Because it is 100% cleaner, Nurture Ranch tastes the way beef should -- delicious, without a heavy, rich aftertaste.

Previously, ground beef processed from a single steer was not available in grocery stores.

"Pioneering the 1 Steer and 1 Cow process has helped us provide the cleanest and most transparently-sourced beef available to consumers," said Rodney Mason, founder of Nurture Ranch. "Our unmatched clean taste and transparency is bringing the true ranch-to-table concept to the grocery store."

Nurture Ranch's Nurture Tracker program lets consumers see an unprecedented humane and sustainable nurturing history of a single steer from birth to harvest. For its commitment to clean, sustainable and transparent processing, Nurture Ranch was recognized as a "Superstar of Radically Clean Food" by Clean Eating Magazine and was awarded the prestigious NEXTY Award for Best Transparently Sourced Product at the 2018 Natural Products Expo West showcase.

Additional benefits include:

- Born and humanely raised in the U.S., free range with higher average temperatures, mineral rich springs and a canopy of shade trees.

- 100% grass fed -- no feedlots, confinement, antibiotics, hormones or GMOs.

- Raised by fifth generation ranchers preserving the "Better Ways of Yesteryear" in Texas, the global leader in beef production.

- Quality ranch breeds like those found in fine steak houses.

- Lucky Clover-filled pastures from free range enriched soil promote bee populations and provide one of the richest sources of protein for cattle.

- Nurture Ranch 1 Steer Ground Beef is available for $9 per one-pound package.

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