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Support for John Deere Strike Saturates Social Media
USAgNet - 10/15/2021

With disagreements between John Deere and union leaders leading to a labor strike, UAW members took to social media Thursday to seek public support during the time of uncertainty.

"We aren't asking to be millionaires, we are asking for fair wages, a pension and post-retirement health care," one employee told WQAD News 8. "After 30 years or more of giving your body to a company and moving 1,000 pound castings around or assembling tractors, it rips your body apart. It's not unreasonable to not want to have that worry in life of, 'What if?'"

John Airy, a farmer in Linn County, has been driving Deere tractors since the early 1990s. When he bought a new tractor and needed parts, he wasn't getting a lot of information on the strike's potential impact from the salesperson.

"For some people, if you had a part that was not highly stocked inventory part that brings things to a grinding halt," he said. "And if you can't get it from John Deere because of the strike, because of parts and distribution or some like that, that could become a real issue for somebody they can go from working to sitting and waiting for parts."

The union announced just after midnight Wednesday that its 10,100 members in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas would begin picketing outside Deere's plants. The strike comes after union members overwhelmingly rejected a collective bargaining proposal in an Oct. 10 vote.

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