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Weekly Crop Report: Corn, Soybeans Maintain Quality
USAgNet - 07/20/2021

While spring wheat languishes in the fields, U.S. corn and soybeans are holding their own.

According to today's U.S. Department of Agriculture's Crop Progress Report, 65% of corn and 60% of soybeans in 18 selected states were rated good/excellent for the week ending July 18.

This actually represents a slight improvement in soybean condition, which was 59% good/excellent the week before.

Spring wheat, meanwhile, tumbled to 11% good/excellent from 16% the previous week.

This compares to 68% good/excellent for last year's spring wheat crop at this point in the season.

As for the top corn- and soybean-producing states, Indiana had the best corn, with 73% good/excellent and Nebraska the best soybeans with 82% good/excellent.

Illinois was strictly average, with 65% corn and 60% soybeans, while Minnesota struggled with 42% corn and 43% soybeans.

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