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Kentucky State Park Golf Pass Sale Next Weekend
Kentucky Ag Connection - 11/20/2019

Golfers who play at Kentucky State Parks golf courses will have a Black Friday sale opportunity Nov. 29-Dec. 1.

Kentucky State Park golf passes for 2020 will be on sale with a 10 percent discount, meaning savings between $60 and $140 for most golfers and families.

The sale will be on those three days only and passes can be purchased at state park pro shops. The regular rates for golf passes for 2020 are the same as 2019.

Golf passes can be purchased to cover all 13 state park courses or -- new for 2020 -- for just one course. The Black Friday sale price for passes for single-course passes are $90 less than the all-park passes.

Here are the all-park golf pass categories, the normal rate for 2020 and the Black Friday sale price:

- Family Pass (Parents and dependents under age 21): $1,500. Black Friday price: $1,350.

- Husband-Wife: $1,400. Black Friday price: $1,260.

- Single Unlimited (7 days a week): $1,100. Black Friday price: $990.

- Single Limited (Weekdays and after 3 p.m. weekends): $700. Black Friday price: $630.

- Single Unlimited (Age 62 and older): $990. Black Friday price: $891.

- State park golf cart. $1,150. Black Friday price: $1,035.

- Private golf cart: $1,050. Black Friday price: $945.

- High school/college golfers: $1,250. Black Friday price: $1,125. Student rates good only during school golf season, other limitations may apply

- Junior (age 18 and under): $475. Black Friday price: $427.50.

For more information about Kentucky State Parks golf courses, visit

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