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KSU Students to Benefit from Jack and Jill College GAP Fund
Kentucky Ag Connection - 02/22/2021

Kentucky State University students will soon have additional help crossing the finish line through new grant funding from the Jack and Jill College GAP Fund.

Kentucky was selected as a beneficiary by the Jack and Jill Foundation and Jack and Jill of America, Inc. According to a letter from the foundation, the focus of the funding is to help seniors who are more likely to have exhausted all financial resources. Eligible students include seniors, or juniors entering their senior year, on track to graduate in good standing.

"We know that HBCUs are serving the greatest share of students of color, and this is part of our solution to help increase the number and percentage of college graduates of color," according to the letter from the foundation.

The grant funding is designed to cover outstanding tuition balances of $250 to $2000.

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