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Kentucky State Alum Pursues Storytelling Passion at HBO
Kentucky Ag Connection - 05/23/2019

A Kentucky State University alumnus pursued his passion after graduation and accomplished his dream of working for HBO.

Dwayne Cash, who graduated from Kentucky State in December 2001, left the college on the hill to pursue his master's in human resources management at The New School in New York City.

"I graduated (from The New School) and started my career in HR in the media industry," Cash said. "I'm 15 years into my career and I love what I do -- help people marry their passions with career opportunities that make sense."

Cash's first job after grad school was at a media company called News Corporation, which was only five blocks from HBO.

"I'd pass the HBO building every day on my way home," Cash said. "I told myself, 'I'm going to work here one day.' It was a dream company of mine. I've always viewed HBO as the master of storytelling and I wanted to learn more about the magic they created in that building."

Cash's vision came to be.

"The stars aligned and I got hired," Cash said.

Cash said he stayed at HBO for six years and then left for seven years.

"I made my return June 2018 and am happy to be back," Cash said.

Cash also previously started a boutique recruiting agency that partnered with Fortune 500 companies to find and hire talent for critical business areas.

"I also helped people with job search strategy, resume development and career coaching," Cash said. "It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I decided to found the company because I wanted to stretch myself and challenge myself to do something difficult."

Cash said his best memory at Kentucky State is writing the "I Am KSU" poem that was included in the student handbook.

"I remember sitting in my dorm room trying to figure out a way to instill more pride in the student body," Cash said. "We had an apathy issue that I needed to address as student body president."

Cash said he went to the Paul G. Blazer Library and researched Kentucky State's history. Cash became excited about a poem that would live on for Thorobreds.

"When I first recited it at a pep rally, I knew it would transform the energy and spirit of the people," Cash said.

Cash said he learned community, social development skills and mentorship at Kentucky State.

"I learned how to be a bold leader and how to inspire people," Cash said. "I learned a great deal about diversity. It was at Kentucky State that I learned how to be a better storyteller. I also found God there, which was life-changing."

For current and future Thorobreds, Cash encouraged them to think about the future.

"Figure out how to turn your passion into a career," Cash said. "Don't be driven by money. Find the thing that you really enjoy doing, even if you had to do it for free."

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