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Kentucky Farm Bringing Fresh Food to Kids
By: Jamilah Muhammad, Kentucky Spectrum News - 07/10/2020

One Scottsville farm is proving what it means to be Team Kentucky by working with the Bowling Green Boys and Girls Club (BGBGC) to provide fresh fruits and vegetables.

Need More Acres Farm has been a full-time farm since April 2013 with the goal of providing fresh food to families throughout the Commonwealth.

They decided to expand on their goal a few weeks ago when they reached out to the BGBGC and asked if they could add a side of healthy fruits and vegetables to their kids' weekly summer box.

Excited to provide something new to the kids, CEO of the BGBGC Liz Bernard says through the uncertainty of COVID-19, it feels good to know the community can count on one another to provide healthy opportunities to kids.

"Everybody realizes in crisis that we all work better together and so they reached out to us and we are very grateful for that and we foresee that this will be ongoing for quite a while," said Bernard.

The BGBGC has provided summer activity boxes to students all summer. Along with snacks, the boxes include interactive activities surrounding reading, writing, math, science, health and STEM.

The fresh food will now be part of the box along with an interactive activity that allows kids to learn about that week's fruit and/or vegetable in a fun way.

Access to fresh food has been an ongoing problem for many families in South-Central Kentucky and Need More Acres Farm along with the BGBGC are hoping to help address the issue.

"So what we find with our kids is that they don't have the access that they need to healthy foods, we also know that healthy foods can be more expensive, right? So those are really two barriers that are very real for our kids and families. Anytime that we can bridge that gap and get things in their hands that they're not accustomed to or have access to, that's a major win," said Bernard.

The summer boxes have given relief to many families throughout Bowling Green, providing educational entertainment. The non-profit offers many physical and online resources to families and their kids, but the boxes are only available to club members.

Anyone can become a club member at any time once they've paid the annual $25 membership fee. Applications can be made online or by calling 270-781-3549.

Delivering over 150 boxes this summer, Bernard says they are hoping to reach as many kids as possible during this uncertain time.

"Everything that we have provided through the shutdown of COVID has been absolutely free to all of our kids and all of the digital content that we provide is free to any kid, they don't even have to be a member, so we're here for our community," said Bernard.

Kids can expect a package of fresh fruit and vegetables in their box throughout the summer.

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