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11th Annual Organic Farming Conference Jan. 27-29
Kentucky Ag Connection - 01/14/2022

The 2022 Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK) Annual Organic Farming Conference series is a must for farmers, agriculture professionals, and anyone interested in building more resilient food systems in Kentucky, the Southeast region, and beyond.

This first part of the conference series offers 3+ days of real-time virtual sessions Jan. 27-29. Presenters are local experts and national leaders that provide tools, resources, research, and techniques for use on and off the farm. Keynote speakers include Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, Jennifer Taylor and David Johnson. Tune in to connect with a network of peers and experts on the following topics: soil health, organic crop production, research, farmer hacks, decolonizing agriculture, forage and grazing, markets, managing to reduce pest and disease pressure, conservation, organic for all, food safety and weed management.

Registration starts at $30 and free registration is available. The full agenda and speaker lineup is available online at

If you prefer in-person events, visit the OAK website for more information about the Hopkinsville Conference March 17-18 and the Burlington Conference April 8 at

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