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Kentucky farmers brace for dry fall harvest
Kentucky Ag Connection - 09/25/2023

Kentucky farmers are facing dry conditions and low water levels on the Mississippi River, which is adding another challenge to a year that has already been difficult.

The state's agricultural meteorologist, Matt Dixon, said that many areas of Kentucky have received below-normal rainfall in recent weeks. This is the second straight year of low water levels on the Mississippi River, which is making it difficult for farmers to transport their crops.

The dry conditions have also hurt crop yields. Dixon said that the corn crop has been shaved by the dry weather, and that late-planted soybeans are especially vulnerable.

In some areas of the state, the dry conditions are also impacting livestock production. Farmers are having to feed hay and double-crop soybeans to their animals earlier than usual.

The state is not expected to get much relief from the dry conditions in the next few weeks. Dixon said that below-normal rainfall is forecast over the next couple weeks, and that water levels on the Mississippi River are expected to decline further.

Despite the challenges, Kentucky farmers are resilient. They are finding ways to adapt to the dry conditions and low water levels. For example, some farmers are using irrigation to water their crops, and others are relying on different methods of transportation to get their products to market.

The dry conditions and low water levels on the Mississippi River are a reminder of the challenges that farmers face. However, Kentucky farmers have a long history of overcoming adversity, and they are committed to continuing to produce the food that we all rely on.

For current weather and drought status, visit the UK Ag Weather Center and the National Integrated Drought Information System through the U.S. Department of Agriculture at

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