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Kentucky new agriculture commissioner names transition team
Kentucky Ag Connection - 11/15/2023

Kentucky's incoming Commissioner of Agriculture, Jonathan Shell, has assembled a transition team comprised of over two dozen individuals, including farmers and Republican officials. The team, set to commence its work at the weekend, will be co-chaired by Steve Kelly and Jon Copley. Kelly, formerly deputy commissioner of agriculture, and Copley, an executive at Molina Healthcare, will play crucial roles in shaping the future direction of Kentucky's agricultural policies.

In a statement, Shell expressed his commitment to making the Kentucky Department of Agriculture a dependable resource for the state's farmers as they contribute to local and global food supplies. Shell emphasized the broad impact of agriculture on all Kentuckians and outlined his vision for a seamless transition.

Notable members of Shell's transition team include T.J. Comer, wife of Republican Congressman James Comer; Warren Beeler, former executive director of the Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy; J.D. Chaney, Executive Director of the Kentucky League of Cities; State Representative Brandon Reed; and State Senator Jared Carpenter, among others. The team reflects a diverse range of expertise, combining agricultural experience, legislative insight, and executive leadership.

Shell's plan is to ensure the continuity of essential agricultural functions from day one, leveraging the expertise of his transition team. The team comprises professionals from various fields, including healthcare, farming, and governmental administration.

Individuals interested in contributing to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture are encouraged to submit their resumes through an online form. As the team gears up, it underscores a collaborative approach to address the challenges and opportunities facing Kentucky's agriculture sector under the new leadership. The transition team's composition reflects a strategic blend of experience and expertise poised to guide the state's agricultural policies and initiatives.

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