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US announces national plan to reduce food loss and waste

US announces national plan to reduce food loss and waste

By Jamie Martin

The administration, through a collaborative effort of USDA, EPA, FDA, and the White House, has unveiled a bold strategy to tackle food loss and waste while advancing sustainability goals.

This initiative, part of a broader climate action plan, aims to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030, targeting significant environmental and economic benefits.

Food waste in the U.S. contributes substantially to methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. Annually, this waste equals the emissions from 60 coal-fired power plants.

The strategy focuses on preventing food loss, reducing waste at every stage from production to consumption, and increasing recycling of organic materials.

Key objectives include preventing food loss and waste, boosting organic waste recycling rates, and supporting policies that incentivize waste reduction and recycling efforts.

USDA plans to invest in research and educational campaigns to encourage households and businesses to minimize food waste. Additionally, initiatives will explore new technologies and practices to extend food shelf life and improve packaging.

Public-private partnerships are crucial in achieving these goals, with industry leaders committing to reducing food waste in their operations.

Renewed collaborations between federal agencies and industry alliances aim to provide resources, tools, and guidance to enhance sustainability practices across sectors.

The National Strategy for Reducing Food Loss and Waste and Recycling Organics underscores the administration's commitment to environmental stewardship, economic efficiency, and community health.

By addressing food waste comprehensively, the U.S. aims to set a global example in sustainable resource management.

Photo Credit: usda

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