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Thousands of Corn Farmers Across the Country Caution Biden Administration Against Solely Focusing on Electric Vehicles at Expense of Biofuels in Climate Fight
Kentucky Ag Connection - 02/08/2024

A letter signed by 3,466 farmers from across the country, including 62 from Kentucky, was sent to President Biden today expressing concern that his administration is taking a short-sighted approach to addressing climate change by prioritizing the use of electric vehicles over biofuels, such as corn ethanol, as it works to drastically lower the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“If we are going to address climate change and meet our sustainability goals, we are going to have to take a multi-pronged approach, that includes tapping into higher levels of biofuels, such as corn ethanol, which offers an immediate climate solution,” the letter said.

The letter, which drew thousands of signatures in less than a week, comes as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prepares to release its light- and medium-duty vehicle tailpipe emissions standards for 2027-2032. To help meet the standards, the president has set a goal that 50% of all vehicle sales will be electric by 2030. A similar rulemaking is also being considered through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A recent survey, sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association and conducted by Morning Consult, showed that Americans have concerns on a range of issues involving electric vehicles, including the accessibility of charging stations, and an overwhelming majority say vehicles that are compatible with biofuels should remain available to consumers.

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