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Planting season safety tips for KY drivers

Planting season safety tips for KY drivers

By Blake Jackson

Spring is in the air, and Kentucky's soybean farmers are gearing up for planting season. While farmers relish returning to their fields, the Kentucky Soybean Board urges both farmers and drivers to exercise caution when sharing the roadways with farm equipment.

"Planting is exciting, but safety is paramount," says Board Chairman Barry Alexander. "Large farm equipment can pose challenges on our rural roads."

Unlike some states with vast fields, Kentucky farmers often need to transport equipment between smaller plots. This movement of tractors, planters, and sprayers necessitates extra awareness from all road users.

"We understand the inconvenience farm equipment can cause," Alexander acknowledges. "But it's essential to get the job done. Thank you for your patience in advance!"

Here are some tips for safe driving during planting season:

  • Plan ahead: If your route takes you through farm country, allow extra time to avoid feeling rushed.
  • Slow down: Farm equipment travels slowly. Maintain a safe distance of at least 50 feet.
  • Yield the right of way: Tractors and sprayers are built for fields, not narrow roads. Give them space.
  • Pass with care: Country roads often lack visibility. Only pass when safe and watch for hand signals in addition to turn signals.
  • Double-check intersections: Ensure a clear path before proceeding.
  • Be patient: Farm equipment has the legal right to use the road. Oversized machinery might require extra lane space. If safe, pull over to allow passenger vehicles to pass. Farmers appreciate the courtesy and will often reciprocate when possible.

Remember, the person operating the equipment is likely someone's loved one, just like you. Everyone deserves a safe journey home. Kentucky's soybean farmers thank you for your cooperation and patience this planting season.

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