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Kentucky blooms - celebrate cut flower month

Kentucky blooms - celebrate cut flower month

By Blake Jackson

July is Kentucky Cut Flower Month, a time to shine a light on the state's thriving cut flower industry. Throughout the month, the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service and the Kentucky Horticulture Council are showcasing local farms on social media platforms like the Kentucky Grown Cut Flower Promotion Facebook page.

This campaign aims to connect consumers with locally grown flowers, highlighting diverse sales channels like farms themselves, farmers markets, pop-up shops, and community-supported agriculture (CSA) subscriptions.

"We encourage Kentuckians to support these local businesses," says Kristin Hildabrand, a horticulture extension agent. "By choosing Kentucky-grown flowers, you're not just getting beautiful blooms, you're supporting your community, preserving Kentucky's natural beauty, and helping these dedicated farmers."

While most cut flowers in the U.S. are imported, Kentucky's climate is ideal for high-quality domestic production. The state boasts over 220 commercial cut flower operations, with the number steadily increasing.

"Kentucky farms, big and small, can be profitable cut flower producers," says Cindy Finneseth, a UK horticulture specialist. "We want to celebrate these farmers who are meeting the growing demand for locally grown flowers in both cities and rural areas."

To help consumers find these hidden gems, the UK Center for Crop Diversification has created an interactive online map This map is constantly updated, so there might even be a farm near you that hasn't been added yet!

"Local flowers offer a wealth of benefits," says Alexis Sheffield, an extension specialist. "They're not only beautiful and eco-friendly, but they also provide a way to diversify local markets and contribute to Kentucky's economic and environmental well-being."

Join the celebration of Kentucky Cut Flower Month and discover the vibrant world of local blooms!

Photo Credit: pexels-olga-divnaya

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