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AGCO dealership introduces same-day parts delivery service

AGCO dealership introduces same-day parts delivery service

By Jamie Martin

AGCO has rolled out a new same-day parts delivery service through its dealership, AgRevolution. This initiative, part of AGCO's FarmerCore program, aims to streamline the customer experience by providing timely access to essential equipment components.

Located in Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana, AgRevolution now offers farmers the convenience of ordering in-stock parts online or via phone for delivery directly to their farms within as little as two hours. The service leverages AgRevolution's fleet of 30 mobile service trucks, enabling swift on-farm maintenance and repairs.

Stacy Anthony, CEO of AgRevolution, emphasized the dealership's commitment to enhancing on-farm efficiency. "Our same-day parts delivery supports our Farmer-First approach, minimizing downtime and ensuring farmers can operate without interruption," Anthony stated. This service benefits farmers who manage their repairs independently and those who rely on expert technicians from AgRevolution.

The implementation of same-day delivery underscores AGCO's dedication to merging digital engagement with on-site service. Stefan Caspari, AGCO's Senior Vice President of Customer Success, highlighted how FarmerCore transforms customer interaction by integrating digital tools and physical service networks.

Across North and South America, AGCO dealerships are increasingly adopting aspects of the FarmerCore program. This includes expanding mobile service capabilities, establishing parts-only stores, and enhancing digital platforms to provide comprehensive customer support.

By introducing same-day parts delivery, AgRevolution exemplifies AGCO's commitment to empowering farmers with efficient, accessible service solutions.

This initiative not only supports agricultural productivity but also strengthens the bond between dealerships and their farming communities.

Photo Credit:agco

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