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Master crop scouting - identify and manage crop threats

Master crop scouting - identify and manage crop threats

By Blake Jackson

Looking to boost your agricultural knowledge and practices? The Kentucky Agriculture Training School (KATS) offers a lineup of workshops designed to empower producers and aspiring farmers.

Master Crop Scouting: The Crop Scouting Workshop on May 21st equips participants with hands-on skills to identify and manage common threats to corn and soybean crops. Learn to assess growth stages, diagnose diseases and insect pests, and recognize weeds.

This workshop is ideal for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, serving as a valuable refresher for the upcoming growing season.

Unlock Soil Secrets: Delve into the fascinating world of soil properties on June 6th at the Soil Properties Workshop. Explore how soil characteristics like texture, structure, and organic matter impact water and nutrient delivery to your crops.

Gain insights from industry experts as they demonstrate soil testing, interpret lab results, and discuss management practices to optimize soil health.

Soar into the Future of Agriculture: The Drone Pilot Certification Workshop on June 10th-11th equips participants with the knowledge and skills to become FAA-certified drone pilots.

Drones offer a powerful tool for modern agriculture, and this two-day program provides comprehensive classroom training to prepare you for the certification exam.

Led by an instructor with a proven track record of success, this workshop empowers you to harness the potential of drone technology in your agricultural operations.

Workshop Details and Registration:

All workshops require pre-registration and offer lunch included in the fee.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and elevate your agricultural expertise!

Photo Credit: university-of-kentucky

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