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More Soybean Acres Planted in Kentucky
Kentucky Ag Connection - 07/01/2020

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released the Acreage report today, showing Kentucky soybean acres at 1.85 million, up 9 percent from last year. Corn acres remained unchanged at 1.55 million acres.

"Increased soybean acreage was driven by an economic factor, and a management practice", said David Knopf, director of the NASS Eastern Mountain Regional Office in Kentucky. "This spring the market prices were favoring soybeans over corn, and may have enticed growers to plant more soybeans. Additionally, farmers typically will rotate fields between corn and soybeans, and last year there was more corn, than soybeans."

Soybeans planted in Kentucky were estimated at 1.85 million acres, up 150,000 acres from 2019. Acres harvested for grain, at 1.84 million acres, was 150,000 acres above acres a year ago. U.S. soybean planted area for 2020 was estimated at 83.8 million acres, up 10% from last year. Area for harvest, at 83.0 million acres, is up 11% from 2019.

Acreage planted to corn in Kentucky was estimated at 1.55 million acres, unchanged from 2019. Acres harvested for grain was estimated at 1.43 million acres, down 20,000 acres from last year. The U.S. corn planted for all purposes in 2020 was estimated at 92.0 million acres, up 3% from last year. Growers expect to harvest 84.0 million acres for grain, up 3% from last year.

Farmers in Kentucky intend to set an estimated 36,000 acres of burley tobacco for harvest. This was down 5,000 from the 2019 level. Dark fire-cured tobacco acreage set was estimated at 7,900 acres, down 1,600 acres from the previous year. Dark air-cured tobacco acreage was estimated at 6,400 acres, down 500 from a year ago. Burley producing states acreage for harvest was estimated at 43,500 acres, 10% below last year.

Winter wheat seeded acreage in Kentucky was estimated at 530,000 acres, 70,000 acres above the previous year. Acreage harvested for grain was estimated at 375,000 acres, 45,000 acres above 2019. The U.S. Winter wheat planted area was estimated at 30.6 million acres, down 2% from 2019. Area harvested for grain was forecast at 23.4 million acres, down 4% from last year.

Alfalfa hay acreage in Kentucky was estimated at 140,000 acres, down 5,000 from the 2019 crop. All other hay was estimated at 1.80 million acres, unchanged from a year ago. The U.S. All hay acreage was estimated at 52.4 million acres, down slightly from 2019.

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