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Kentucky farmers face challenges despite recent rain

Kentucky farmers face challenges despite recent rain

By Blake Jackson

Kentucky farmers experienced a mixed bag of conditions last week. While rain helped improve topsoil moisture, cooler temperatures and continued wet spells hampered planting progress.

  • Precipitation: Above average rainfall (1.21 inches) improved topsoil moisture to 57% adequate and 42% surplus.
  • Temperature: Below normal temperatures (67 degrees) slowed down crop development.
  • Fieldwork: Farmers planted corn, soybeans, and tobacco when possible, but fieldwork was limited to 3.6 days due to wet weather.
  • Planting Progress: Corn planting is behind schedule, with 66% emerging compared to the historical average of 77%. Soybeans are also lagging, with 49% emerging versus the 5-year average of 64%. Tobacco setting is significantly behind last year and the average, at only 36% complete.
  • Crop Conditions: Despite planting setbacks, corn and tobacco are rated mostly good. Winter wheat coloring is at 65%, with the crop remaining in mostly good condition.
  • Hay Cutting: The first hay cutting is 47% complete, although continued rain has caused delays.

Recent storms caused damage to barns and fencing in some areas, requiring cleanup efforts. Additionally, heavy rain may necessitate replanting flooded fields, and some farmers may shift to soybeans due to the shortened growing season.

While rain addressed some moisture concerns, Kentucky farmers continue to grapple with the effects of a wet spring and face challenges in catching up on planting.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-wiyadaa

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