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Local food excitement - CSA programs launch in Louisville

Local food excitement - CSA programs launch in Louisville

By Blake Jackson

May brings exciting news for fans of fresh, local food: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are kicking off across Louisville and surrounding areas!

CSAs offer a unique way to support local farms while enjoying a steady supply of seasonal produce. Consumers purchase "shares" of a farm's harvest, essentially subscribing to a farm-to-table experience throughout the growing season. This provides upfront revenue for farmers and helps them plan accordingly, while offering consumers a connection to their food source.

Kentucky's agricultural landscape is changing, with many small and mid-sized farms facing challenges. CSAs offer some much-needed stability for these farms.

"Local food needs a champion," says Katie Harvey of the Organic Association of Kentucky. While not yet mainstream, CSAs gained popularity during the pandemic as people sought local connections and reliable sources of fresh food.

Ready to join a CSA? The Kentucky Proud program offers a helpful guide to CSAs near Louisville, categorized by their main offerings:

Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Deutsch Farm: This fourth-generation farm provides a 20-week CSA with pick-up options at local farmers markets.
  • Cleav's Family Market: Enjoy fresh produce from this family-run farm, with a convenient Louisville pick-up location.
  • Coulter's Good Earth Farm: Their CSA includes a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, eggs, and occasional grass-fed beef.
  • Elliott Brothers Farm: Get a weekly box of fresh, local, and pesticide-free produce, with farm tour options for CSA members.


  • Slaughter Family Farm: Their CSA features pasture-raised chicken, forest-raised pork, and free-range eggs.
  • Skinner Farms: Enjoy monthly CSA packages with chicken, pork, and beef, with pick-up and delivery options.

A Mix of Everything:

  • Boxcar Acres: This vegetable farm partners with others to offer a "full diet" CSA, including vegetables, meat, and other products.
  • Juniper Brooks Farm: Their CSA programs range from vegetables and flowers to eggs, bread, meat, and pasta, with home delivery options.

This is just a taste of the CSAs available around Louisville. By joining a CSA, you're supporting local farmers, getting delicious and healthy food, and contributing to a more sustainable food system.

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