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Kentucky Farmers Holding on to Hay Supplies
Kentucky Ag Connection - 01/05/2021

December brought near normal temperatures and below normal precipitation. Temperatures fluctuated throughout the month, however balanced out to normal levels when viewing the month as a whole. Dry conditions carried over from November giving way to some rain and snow in the latter part of the month. Precipitation for the month totaled 3.13 inches, 1.29 inches below normal. Precipitation totals by climate division, West 2.88 inches, Central 3.22 inches, Bluegrass 2.39 inches and East 4.02 inches, which was 1.95, 1.58, 1.46, and 0.19 inches from normal respectfully. Temperatures averaged 38 degrees for the month, near normal. High temperatures averaged from 48 degrees in the West to 47 degrees in the East. Low temperatures averaged from 31 degrees in the West to 30 degrees in the East.

Tobacco stripped is at 83%, putting progress on par with historical levels for this juncture. Winter wheat condition was rated as 1% poor, 14% fair, 66% good, and 19% excellent.

Through much of the month, dry conditions and cold temperatures stunted pasture growth. The end of December did see an increase in precipitation; however, a cold front moved in stressing livestock in some areas. Even as weather conditions have deteriorated pastures, farmers have been able to hold on to their hay supplies. The current hay supply is rated as 1% very short, 7% short, 83% adequate, and 9% surplus. The current condition of livestock is rated as 1% very poor, 3% poor, 22% fair, 61% good, and 13% excellent.

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