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Scattered Showers Do Little to Help Kentucky Crops
Kentucky Ag Connection - 06/22/2022

Kentucky experienced above normal temperatures and below normal rainfall over the past week. Precipitation for the week totaled 0.27 inches, 0.73 inches below normal. Temperatures averaged 78 degrees for the week, 5 degrees above normal. Topsoil moisture was rated 6 percent very short, 28 percent short, 63 percent adequate, and 3 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture was rated 4 percent very short, 26 percent short, 67 percent adequate, and 3 percent surplus. Days suitable for fieldwork averaged 6.3 out of a possible seven.

Primary activities for this week included planting soybeans, setting tobacco, harvesting wheat, and cutting hay. Weather for this past week was hot and dry for the majority of the state. There were scattered storms, however they were not widespread and did little to help with recent drought. Grain farmers are seeing some heat stress in their crops and the lack of rain is taking a toll.

The corn crop is 92 percent emerged and continues to be in mostly good condition. The average height of corn is 28 inches at this juncture, but in some areas the height varies dramatically.

Soybean planting is just ahead of last year and the five year average for this point in the season. Seventy-two percent of the soybean crop has emerged. There were reports of soybeans in bad need of rain to begin emergence. Beans remain in mostly good condition despite reports of slug damage.

Tobacco setting continues ahead with strong progress from last week. The average height of tobacco is 10 inches at this time. Tobacco condition is mostly good, but has declined slightly as heat and drought persist.

Winter wheat condition declined slightly as 96 percent of the crop is now coloring. There were reports of head scab present. Seventy-four percent of the wheat crop is mature as harvest is underway.

Pasture condition is mostly good, but growth has been slowed by recent conditions. Pastures are showing stress as the lack of rain and heat continue to be a detriment. Hay continues to be cut with yields varying greatly. There were reports of hay yields 10-20 percent below expectations.

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