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YUM! Cheese Supplier Tops Diversity and Inclusion Award
Kentucky Ag Connection - 06/11/2018

Masters Gallery Foods, one of Yum! Brands' largest suppliers, recently won top honors at the 16th annual Supplier Tracking Assessment and Recognition Awards that's hosted by Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (RSCS), Yum!'s exclusive purchasing cooperative. The family-owned business, run by sisters Tracey Dorsey and Trina Stephens and their brother CEO Jeff Gentine, accepted the Diversity and Inclusion Award.

"We aspire to have suppliers that represent our customers, and they definitely do," said Rick Hyde, senior director of food procurement at RSCS.

The Wisconsin-based company started its relationship with Yum! Brands in 2008, supplying mostly US-based restaurants with its three-cheese blend and cheddar cheese. Since then, Masters Gallery Foods has significantly grown its business with KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

And it's not only been a successful partner with Yum!'s three iconic brands, it's done so while making diversity and inclusion a priority.

"We've always hired the best person for the job. The women and minorities who work here have earned their positions based on merit and their time spent with the company," said Gentine.

The Diversity and Inclusion Award represents a top honor of the event and was introduced three years ago as part of Yum! Brands' larger inclusion strategy to live out its value "belief in ALL people." Since then, Claxton Poultry and BAMA have also taken home the prize. Last year, Masters Gallery Foods won for Food Safety and Quality.

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