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Kentucky agriculture maps its future course

Kentucky agriculture maps its future course

By Blake Jackson

Kentucky agriculture is charting its course for the future! A collaborative effort led by the Kentucky Agriculture Council (KAC) is developing a "Strategic Roadmap for Kentucky Agriculture: 2025-2030." This roadmap, to be unveiled in November 2024, involves over 200 leaders from various agricultural sectors working together.

The initiative highlights the importance of a shared vision, with significant investments from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and Kentucky State University.

Focus group discussions with over 120 participants identified key themes for the roadmap. These themes prioritize critical areas like:

  • Supporting farm transitions and farmland preservation.
  • Developing a skilled agricultural workforce.
  • Integrating agriculture into Kentucky's economic development plans.
  • Improving market access through better supply chain coordination.
  • Encouraging diversification and innovation in agriculture.
  • Building partnerships between agriculture, food, and health sectors.
  • Creating more opportunities for value-added agricultural products.
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication within Kentucky agriculture.
  • Promoting public understanding of farming and food production.

Working groups are currently meeting to refine these themes into actionable strategies. Stakeholders will gather in June to further develop these plans and identify partners for implementation.

"This roadmap isn't just about identifying needs, it's about creating a concrete plan to move forward," said Dr. Tony Brannon, KAC chair. Michele Payn, the project facilitator, has emphasized engaging a diverse group of stakeholders to ensure the plan reflects the needs of all sectors of Kentucky agriculture.

Industry leaders are optimistic about the roadmap's potential. Tod Griffin, from the Agribusiness Association of Kentucky, sees it to leverage Kentucky's agricultural strengths and ensure continued growth. Dr. Will Snell, an agricultural economist, believes the plan will help Kentucky agriculture navigate future challenges and maintain its momentum.

This collaborative effort aims to ensure a bright future for Kentucky agriculture by addressing critical issues and fostering a thriving industry.

Any Kentucky agriculture stakeholder interested in joining the work should contact KAC executive secretary Jennifer Elwell at 855-921-2625 or

Photo Credit: istock-fangxianuo

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