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Tornado hits west Louisville - rebuilding now

Tornado hits west Louisville - rebuilding now

By Blake Jackson

On July 4th, an EF1 tornado struck a residential area in West Louisville, Kentucky. While no injuries were reported, the storm caused damage to homes, trees, and power lines.

Local officials, including Governor Andy Beshear and Mayor Craig Greenberg, wasted no time in visiting the affected area to assess the damage and offer support to residents.

Aaliyah Dailey-Brown, a resident who witnessed the storm firsthand, described the rapid escalation of events. "The wind picked up very quickly," she said. "I went inside for a moment, and then the tornado hit."

Governor Beshear acknowledged the challenges faced by residents. "The folks who call this west Louisville neighborhood home, I know many are hurting right now," he stated. "There is damage ... to homes, damage to trees, the fences that are down; those are really important to each individual homeowner."

Mayor Greenberg confirmed that approximately a dozen structures sustained damage and emphasized safety precautions due to downed power lines. Local electrician Sam Rudolph highlighted the extensive power outages caused by fallen trees.

Despite the challenges, a spirit of resilience prevails. "We appreciate the leadership's presence here," said Dailey-Brown. "While we can't control the weather, this community will rebuild."

Louisville Metro Public Works is currently coordinating debris removal efforts. With the combined support of local officials and the community, West Louisville is on the path to recovery.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-rasica

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