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Kentucky agriculture advances - Legislative highlights 2024

Kentucky agriculture advances - Legislative highlights 2024

By Blake Jackson

Kentucky's agriculture industry experienced notable progress during the 2024 legislative session, with significant funding allocations and policy advancements aimed at bolstering the sector. Agriculture Commissioner Jonathan Shell lauded the support shown by legislators, recognizing their efforts to prioritize the state's agricultural prosperity.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) received substantial funding, including $21.6 million for Fiscal Year 2025 and $22.7 million for Fiscal Year 2026. These funds support various initiatives, including the newly established Division of Emergency Preparedness for the Office of the State Veterinarian, enhancing the state's ability to respond to animal emergencies.

Additionally, the legislative session allocated resources to diverse community programs with broad agricultural impacts. Initiatives such as the Raising Hope Initiative, Farms to Food Banks

program, and County Fair Grants received significant funding to address rural mental health, food insecurity, and support fair facilities across the state.

Outside the general budget, legislators earmarked $5 million for agricultural economic development, aiming to incentivize and support agricultural projects throughout the Commonwealth. Moreover, funding from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement will further enhance agricultural development, providing grants, incentives, and loans to farmers and agribusinesses.

Several budget allocations will fund projects benefiting Kentucky agriculture, including water infrastructure updates and initiatives such as the Cattleman's Innovation Center and Murray Vet Tech program, which will contribute to agricultural advancement from Eastern to Western Kentucky.

The 2024 legislative session signifies a significant commitment to advancing Kentucky agriculture, providing essential funding and resources to drive growth and development across the state.

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