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Kentucky boosts agriculture with $21.6 Million funding

Kentucky boosts agriculture with $21.6 Million funding

By Blake Jackson

The Kentucky agricultural sector received a significant boost from the state legislature. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) secured $21.6 million for fiscal year 2025, with an increase to $22.7 million in 2026.

"This funding demonstrates immense support for Kentucky agriculture," said Agriculture Commissioner Jonathan Shell. The budget prioritizes key areas like county fair facilities, mental health resources for farmers, and food insecurity initiatives.

A highlight of the allocation is $750,000 annually dedicated to "County Fair Grants." These grants will directly support improvements to county fair facilities across the state.

The KDA budget also prioritizes mental health with a $1 million annual investment in the Raising Hope Initiative. This program focuses on rural mental health, suicide prevention, and farm safety.

Addressing food insecurity is another key focus. The Farms to Food Banks program receives $850,000 in 2025 and $1 million in 2026. This program strengthens connections between Kentucky farms and food banks, ensuring access to fresh produce for those in need.

The Kentucky General Assembly's commitment extends beyond the general budget. An additional $5 million has been earmarked for agricultural economic development, attracting new projects and bolstering the industry.

This increased funding signifies a strong commitment to Kentucky's agricultural sector, supporting farmers, rural communities, and food security across the state.

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