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KY crops - heat threatens despite favorable start

KY crops - heat threatens despite favorable start

By Blake Jackson

Kentucky farmers faced slightly cooler and drier conditions than usual last week. Rainfall came in slightly below average at 0.97 inches, but with mostly adequate topsoil and subsoil moisture, fieldwork continued at a good pace with an average of 5.6 suitable days.

The dry weather allowed farmers to complete soybean planting, bringing the total planted area to 100%. However, the continued hot weather is causing some stress to both corn and soybeans. Thankfully, some central and eastern regions received rain that helped mitigate these effects.

Corn development is well ahead of schedule, with 46% of the crop already silking (formation of the flower) compared to 34% last year. Similarly, 12% of corn is now in the milking stage, exceeding the 9% typically seen at this time.

Soybean progress is also impressive. With planting complete, 90% of the crop has emerged, and 27% are already blooming, significantly surpassing the 5-year average. The average height of emerged soybeans is also at a healthy 18 inches.

Tobacco transplanting is finished, and 13% of the crop is now blooming. Wheat harvest nears completion with an impressive 97% already harvested.

Pasture conditions declined slightly, with only 59% rated good or excellent. However, the first cutting of hay is complete, ensuring livestock feed supplies.

While overall conditions are favorable, the persistent heat remains a concern for Kentucky crops. Continued monitoring and potential rain events will be crucial for maintaining good yields throughout the growing season.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-klosfoto

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