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Farm Bureau Distributes Major Honors for Agriculture Service
Kentucky Ag Connection - 01/10/2020

Kentucky Farm Bureau announced two annual award winners: Sam Moore of Butler County, and former KFB president, has been named the Distinguished Service to Agriculture recipient and James Stuecker of Hardin County is the 2019 Distinguished Service to Farm Bureau Award winner.

Morgantown's Moore began his farming operation in 1963 with 4 cows and 30 acres. He has endured high interest rates, the financial crisis in the 80's, floods, and droughts. Despite these hardships, Sam has always been known as someone willing to try and devlop a new way of doing things and has continually advocated for the agriculture community.

Moore, who served as KFB president from 1998-2005, has also held positions with the American Farm Bureau Board, the Kentucky Soybean Association, Kentucky Beef Cattle Association, Kentucky Agriculture Council, the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board for which he was a founding member and served as Butler County Farm Bureau President. He worked tirelessly on the Master Settlement Agreement and tobacco buyout. He was a founding member of the Kentucky Ag Development Board. He is a member of the FFA Alumni Association. He has served on the Kentucky State Fair Board and the Kentucky Ag Council. He is a former Young Farmer of the Year.

And the list goes on: Moore has testified numerous times in front of legislative committees at the local, state, and the national level. He has spoken to thousands of people over the years promoting the importance of agriculture and has been a spokesperson in regard to agriculture for most of his adult life.

Stuecker is a native of Elizabethtown and was awarded for his lifetime dedication to family, farming, and the local community.

Stuecker became director of the Hardin County Farm Bureau in 1998 when it had 7,500 members. Today, Hardin County has more than 11,000 members. Stuecker has worked with other organizations to promote Farm Bureau and helped plan and institute an agriculture display, petting zoo and an annual youth livestock show at the county fair.

In 2019, there were more than 5,000 people in attendance at the show. Along with being a director on the Hardin County Farm Bureau Board, Stuecker has been a part of the Member and Insurance Committee for several years. As a member of this program, he helped develop the Dead Animal Removal Program in Hardin County that is partially funded by the Hardin County Farm Bureau. This program benefits the safety and health of all Hardin County residents.

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