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Kentucky Grants $1.1M for Agricultural Diversification
Kentucky Ag Connection - 09/18/2023

The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board has given the green light to $1,138,643 in funding for projects aimed at agricultural diversification and rural development across the state. These initiatives are designed to enhance agricultural communities by promoting diversity and expanding agricultural pursuits.

Some of the approved projects include:

Goode’s Riverside Creamery LLC: Granted up to $71,000 in multi-county funds matched by state funds, with an option for a participation loan of up to $250,000. This project supports the construction of a creamery with retail space. For more information, contact Greg Goode at

Lincoln County Fiscal Court: Approved for up to $7,500 in Lincoln County funds to assist in building a new farmers' market pavilion. For more information, contact Judge Woods Adams at

Dr. Madelyn Orem, DVM: Granted up to $100,000 in multi-county and state funds to acquire a percentage of the Todd County Animal Clinic. For more information, contact Dr. Madelyn Orem, DVM at

Pulaski County Board of Education: Approved for up to $200,000 in Pulaski County funds to construct an agriculture complex building. For more information, contact Corey Dixon at

Todd County Animal Clinic PLLC: Granted up to $100,000 in multi-county and state funds to support the purchase of large and food animal equipment. For more information, contact Dr. John Laster, DVM at

3 Stone Farms LLC: Approved for up to $30,000 in multi-county funds to aid in the construction of a confinement feeding barn. For more information, contact Michelle McBurney at

The County Agricultural Investment Program (CAIP) received approval for eight projects in various counties, totaling $616,143. CAIP provides cost-share assistance to Kentucky agricultural producers, enabling them to improve and diversify their farming operations.

The Deceased Farm Animal Removal (DAR) program, aimed at environmentally-sound disposal of deceased livestock, received approval for two projects in different counties, totaling $12,000.

The Youth Agricultural Incentives Program (YAIP), encouraging youth involvement in agriculture, secured approval for one project in Leslie County, amounting to $2,000.

All application periods and deadlines for CAIP and YAIP will be locally advertised. These investments signify Kentucky's commitment to fostering agricultural growth and sustainability.

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