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Mark Haney to step down as KFB President
Kentucky Ag Connection - 09/22/2023

Mark Haney, the longest-serving president in the history of Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB), has announced his retirement from the role in December. Haney, who hails from Pulaski County and owns Haney’s Appledale Farm, has served as KFB president since December 2008. He was first elected as president of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation in December 2008 and president of the Insurance Company in March 2009. He has been reelected as president every year since. Prior to becoming president, Haney served for three years as the first vice president and seven years as the second vice president of the Federation and Insurance executive committees. He has been on the KFB board since 1993.

Haney, who is known for his dedication to agriculture, has also served as a director of the American Farm Bureau Federation and was a member of its executive committee for four years. He is a director of Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co. and Farm Bureau BanCorp, providing banking and financial services for Farm Bureau members in 39 states. Additionally, he is a member of the American Agricultural Insurance Board of Directors.

Throughout his tenure, Haney focused on advocating for rural communities and the agriculture industry in Kentucky. His vision and dedication have made him an exceptional leader and a valuable asset to the state. His retirement marks the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy of advocacy and leadership in Kentucky agriculture. Haney expressed his commitment to the organization and the industry, noting that there is still much work he wants to accomplish on their behalf.

Haney’s leadership was characterized by an open mind, level head, and even-handed approach, regardless of the challenges faced by the organization. His dedication to the Kentucky Farm Bureau and the agricultural community in the state has left a lasting impact that will be felt for generations to come.

KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton praised Haney’s outstanding leadership and the positive influence he has had on Kentucky agriculture. Haney’s retirement represents a transition in leadership for the organization, but his commitment to the industry remains unwavering.

As Mark Haney steps away from his role as president, he does so with the satisfaction of having given his very best to leave a legacy for Kentucky Farm Bureau and the agricultural community that has been a part of his life for generations.

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