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Ag commissioner-elect's diverse team
Kentucky Ag Connection - 11/17/2023

Rodney Dick, a lifelong Kentucky farmer, has been appointed to Commissioner-Elect Jonathan Shell's transition team, set to take over as Agriculture Commissioner in January 2024. With a commitment to a smooth transition, Shell assembled a diverse team, including about two dozen individuals from various backgrounds. Dick showed pride in having several farmers on the team. Steve Kelly of Anderson County and Jon Copley of Oldham County were appointed as co-chairs.

Dick, honored by the opportunity, highlighted the team's common goal to ensure a seamless transition for Commissioner-Elect Shell, ready to serve Kentucky farmers from day one. Shell echoed this sentiment, expressing his intent to make the Department of Agriculture a reliable resource for Kentucky's agricultural community.

Dick emphasized the flawless transition's significance, predicting a positive impact on Kentucky agriculture. Commissioner-Elect Shell aims to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors, Commissioners Quarles and Comer, and be well-prepared to address the essential business of the Department of Agriculture. The transition team, commencing its journey on November 17th, reflects a collaborative effort to propel Kentucky agriculture forward under new leadership.

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