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Quarles: Hemp to Remain Viable Part State's Ag Economy
Kentucky Ag Connection - 10/16/2020

While the amount of hemp acreage across Kentucky is down significantly from the previous year, State Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles still believes the crop will make up a good portion of the ag economy for years to come.

During a recent interview with Stu Johnson at WEKU, Quarles said about five-thousand acres is expected to be harvested across the Commonwealth.

The commissioner noted hemp use may expand in the years ahead.

"I do believe there will be a long term hemp market that will be more so based on the textile production, whether it be concrete insulation, or even car parts here in Kentucky," said Quarles.

Quarles said the biggest hang-up in hemp remains the Food and Drug Administration not giving a transparent framework for regulation, which he says primarily affects the CBD cannabinoid market.

The head of the state agriculture agency added the major recommendation for farmers remains consistent, to proceed with caution and don't bet the family farm on this crop.

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