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By: Matthew Dixon, UK Agricultural Weather Center - 05/24/2022

The first couple days of the week ran mostly dry across the area, but was quickly replaced with an active pattern from there on out. In fact, a very unstable air mass led to numerous instances of strong to severe storms on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. While heavy rainfall and frequent lightning was common, some saw damaging winds and large hail. Overall, the state averaged 1.07 inches, but the range was large. Some saw in excess of two to three inches, while others dodged most of the storms and closed the week under a half inch, which was the case across portions of Eastern and South-Central Kentucky.

Temperatures for the period averaged 71 degrees across the state which was 6 degrees warmer than normal and 2 degrees warmer than the previous period.

High temperatures averaged from 80 in the West to 81 in the East. Departure from normal high temperatures ranged from 1 degree warmer than normal in the West to 4 degrees warmer than normal in the East. Low temperatures averaged from 60 degrees in the West to 61 degrees in the East. Departure from normal low temperature ranged from 4 degrees warmer than normal in the West to 10 degrees warmer than normal in the East. The extreme high temperature for the period was 91 degrees at BIG SANDY and the extreme low was 45 degrees at VANCEBURG 6W.

Precipitation (liq. equ.) for the period totaled 1.07 inches statewide which was 0.06 inches below normal and 94% of normal. Precipitation totals by climate division, West 1.41 inches, Central 0.64 inches, Bluegrass 1.42 inches and East 0.80 inches, which was 0.28, -0.55, 0.34 and -0.33 inches respectively from normal. By station, precipitation totals ranged from a low of 0.02 inches at WHITLEY CITY 3N to a high of 4.10 inches at CINCINNATI.

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