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Greens Receive Excellence in Ag Ford Explorer
Kentucky Ag Connection - 07/10/2020

Back in January, Kirby Green won the Excellence in Agriculture award at the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual convention in Austin. Despite already having her prize for a few months, Green had the chance to show off her new Ford Explorer to fellow members of the Farm Bureau family Thursday at Champion Ford.

Green won the honor six months ago but preparation started long before, as she had to fill out an extensive application.

"In the Excellence in Ag event, you tell your story," she told reporter Tyler Dixon of The Owensboro Times. "What you do day to day in ag, what you do in your community and specifically even for Farm Bureau. You can come in and share your remarkable story in ag, but they're also looking for someone who's invested in their community, too."

Green's road to Texas started when she qualified for the top three at state before advancing to Austin.

She said she had several members of the Kentucky Farm Bureau, along with Daviess County residents, telling her she should pursue the contest.

Green added it was a good feeling knowing area farmers and board members were on her side, despite not being from the area -- she's from Breckinridge County.

"I didn't grow up here, I moved here five years ago," she said to The Owensboro Times. "To be in a community for five years and have people rally around you ... That means a lot."

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